Rough Life: Aunt who saved starving kids loses custody

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has uncovered a stunning twist in the story of two little boys found starving.

The kids have been taken away from the woman who may have saved their lives.

An aunt saved the kids from starving to death in their mother's home. Now social workers have taken the boys away from the aunt.

According to Children's Services, Dasheba Brown says she can't take care of them anymore.

Brown found the two toddlers starving in her sister, Phineas Scovil, basement.

Brown took in the boys and two of her sister's other kids.

19 Action News and Wayside Furniture even donated furniture to the family.

Now the agency for Cuyahoga County social workers tells us it has moved the children to a foster home because social workers thought Brown was overwhelmed. She already has three kids. And there were quote other issues.

The agency's been under fire for how it handles kids from troubled families.

19 Action News tried to reach Dasheba Brown several times but we did not get a response.

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