Four men, juvenile accused in rape of 13-year-old Akron girl

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - Four men and a juvenile are accused of abducting a 13-year-old girl and repeatedly raping her.
Police said the girl was abducted from outside a convenience store while waiting for two younger relatives who were inside buying candy. She was then taken to a house where she was raped.
Charged with kidnapping and rape are Akron residents Darryl Clay, 18; Mark Conwell, 18; Davon Debman, 20; and Jimmy Schmidt, 20.
The men (pictured, above) remained in the Summit County Jail under $100,000 cash bonds set by Akron Municipal Judge Lynne Callahan on Tuesday.
A fifth suspect, 17-year-old Pierre Logan of Akron, was charged in Summit County Juvenile Court. Police intend to recommend prosecutors seek adult charges against him.
The girl was treated at Children's Hospital Medical Center after the rapes Friday night, police said.
"It had to be a living hell for her," Police Lt. Gerald Kelley said.
The parents of two of the men charged say the girl was a willing participant and invented a rape tale to ward off her angry mother.
Kathy Conwell, whose son was arrested in the case, said the girl was dating one of the five men charged and agreed to go to the home. Her son said no one forced the girl to do anything.
"Somebody's lying, and it's not my son," Conwell said.
Kelley said there is no indication the girl willingly went with the men.
"She was restrained of her liberty to leave," Kelley said. "And while she was restrained by one or more, another would sexually assault her."
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