Delayed: February 14th is the new trial for the notorious Cleveland Strangler

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The trial for Anthony Sowell A.K.A. "The Cleveland Strangler" has been delayed until February 14th of next year.

The accused serial killer got what he wanted.

His attorneys had filed arguments with the judge asking for delay and the judge agreed after  Sowell agreed to waive his right for a speedy trial and he promised not to complain later that the court took too long to put him on trial.

Sowell's attorneys argued they needed more time to go over evidence, to talk to people about Sowell's background and to have doctors decide if Sowell is really crazy.

Sowell is accused of killing 11 women at his home in Cleveland.
His trial was supposed to begin next month.

The new trial date is set to start on Valentine's Day.

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