Editorial: Keep the 14th Amendment

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(WOIO) - The United States has an illegal immigrant problem, of that there is no doubt. A porous border to our south, mismanaged by self-serving politicians of both parties, ensures that the issue will worsen before it improves.

But the current cause célèbre among some conservatives is a movement to amend the 14th Amendment and bar birth right citizenship to children of illegal's is frankly nothing short of demagoguery.

Former Bush Media Adviser Mark McKinnon was right when he said the 14th Amendment is a great legacy of the Republican Party and it's an embarrassment that some in the GOP want to amend it for starkly political reasons.

You know, the genius of the 14th Amendment, as pointed out recently by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, is that in granting citizenship, it applies an objective standard - birth - instead of a subjective standard which would always be open to political manipulation.

Congress and the administration must uphold their responsibility to secure the integrity of our borders. That folks is the simple and the right way to deal with the illegal immigrant problem.

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