Police: Teen accused of setting infant, 17-year-old on fire with nail polish remover

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has learned that an infant was severely burned and a 14-year-old boy was taken into police custody for aggravated arson, domestic violence and two counts of felonious assault.

Elyria Police tell 19 Action News that the incident took place at 213 Chestnut Street around 9:45 p.m. Thursday evening.

The 11-month-old victim, Melina Hall suffered burns to her face and ears. The burns were so bad that the infant's skin was blistered and peeling off. There was also a 17-year-old victim, Jasmin Pyles who suffered burns to her legs.

Police say that a 13-year-old saw Pyles and Hall laying in bed together and witnessed the 14-year-old pour nail polish remover onto Jasmin Pyles and some splashed onto the infant. The 14-year-old then ignited the nail polish setting fire to Jasmin's pants, the mattress and the infant.

Jasmin Pyles was taken to EMH Regional Medical Center and Melina Hall was Lifeflighted to MetroHealth Medical Center. The condition of Pyles and Hall remains unknown at this time.

After setting the fire, the 14-year-old ran to a neighbor's house and the resident of the home contacted police.

The teen is now in custody and will be in the Lorain County Juvenile Court.

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