Smooth Move: Police tackle drunk dump truck driving dummy as he attempts to flee


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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A 23-year-old Elyria man busted driving a dump truck drunk.

According to the police report, cops were called out to the parking lot of Harry Buffalo Friday night for a report of two inebriated men lying in the parking lot. The men then jumped into a nearby dump truck and took off.

Cops quickly caught up with the dump truck driver and noticed the truck was weaving in and out of lanes and almost hit the median curb on State Route 57.

When the driver of the dump truck brought the vehicle to a stop, he hopped out and took off on foot. The suspect - identified as Justin Knotts - tried to shake the pursuing officers by ducking between apartment buildings and ended up running into a gas meter.

That's when the officers tackled Knotts and took him into custody. He told officers his driving privileges were suspended and said he fled because he couldn't afford another ticket or being arrested.

He also said he had two shots of Patron, Pucker and Red Bull and two beers prior to climbing into the dump truck's driver's seat.

Knotts has been charged with OVI and obstructing official business.

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