Keeping you safe on the roads during Labor Day weekend

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(WOIO) - Labor Day weekend is when many take to the roads to visit friends, family or simply just seek out a change of scenery. Unfortunately not everyone makes it safely to or from their destination, so here are some tips from Esurance to make sure your Labor Day weekend is a safe one:

*Always keep a pair of strong shades handy. You don't want to be blinded by sun glare.

*Anti-rain dance didn't work? Drive slower and keep a greater distance from the car in front of you. Wet surfaces require 2 to 10 times more stopping distance than dry ones.

*Sure, you're anxious to skip town, but pulling a quick Mr. Rogers after work is worth it. Swap the heels for loafers and don't forget to adjust your seat accordingly.

*If someone cuts you off and you begin to lose your cool, remember: It's not personal. It will be more dangerous for other drivers if you then decide to weave or speed for revenge.

*Don't drink and drive. Vacation starts when you arrive, not before you leave. On average, one person dies every 33 minutes due to an intoxicated driver.

*Make sure you check the air levels in your tires, get a full tank of gas and even if you think you know where you're going, a map doesn't hurt.

Stuck in traffic? Cure your boredom with good tunes and entertaining podcasts, not your cell phone. Drivers on cell phones are 4 times more likely to be involved in a serious accident.