Cleveland School Board approves new transportation policy

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(WOIO) - Cleveland's school board voted unanimously to approve a resolution that will shorten the traveling distance required for students to be eligible for district transportation.

The new requirement to receive district provided transportation for K-8 regular education students is 1.75 miles, down from 2.0 miles.

In revising the transportation policy, the transportation committee had three major goals: 1) Increase the number of students that receive transportation 2) Decrease students' walking distance 3) Decrease the overall cost of transportation. The revised transportation policy will provide transportation to approximately 1,100 more students than last year, shorten the walking distance to 1.75 miles and reduce transportation costs by $1.5 million.

"We listened to the community's distance concerns, and we're glad to have been able to revise the policy to address those concerns," said Patrick Zohn, Chief Operating Officer. "The Academic Transformation Plan calls for greater organizational efficiency, and the revised policy enables the District to cut cost while providing transportation to more students."

The District will continue to provide transportation to high school students that live three or more miles away from the home school.