Back On: Cleveland Public Power restores service to Westside customers

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Public Power crews quickly isolated the cause of an early afternoon power outage affecting approximately 30,000 customers on the City's west side. By 11:26 a.m. power had been restored, following an 11:07 a.m. outage Wednesday.

The cause of the outage was a faulty transformer at the utility's West 41st Street substation. The geographic area affected ranged from the western edge of downtown Cleveland to W. 150th and Lorain Avenue.

CPP spokesperson Shelley Shockley said, "Our crews were swift in isolating the cause of the outage and restoring service to our customers. The cause was a faulty transformer, a problem that could not have been prevented. Unfortunately equipment failure does some times happen."

In business since 1906, CPP is the largest municipal power company in the State of Ohio. Today, CPP boasts 36 substations throughout the City of Cleveland and serves more than 80,000 residential and commercial customers. Cleveland Public Power remains strong, safe and reliable as it strategically positions itself for the future.

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