WOIO Editorial: Business as usual in the county clubhouse

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - That good old boys clubhouse…that is the democratic-controlled Cuyahoga County government… may find itself evicted this fall.  but, in the meantime, it's business as usual.  never mind the FBI investigation or the coming indictments and, of course, the public be damned.

It is clubhouse head of hanky-panky Auditor Frank Russo who remains most active in keeping alive the patronage and pay-for-play culture that has crippled this county. He was at it again last week when he offered new jobs to two former members of the Board of Revision who were pushed out of their positions for various irregularities.

Robert Chambers got booted after an audit determined the office was mismanaged. Brian Day was forced to resign because he is also a Parma City Councilman which means he wasn't supposed to be working the other job to begin with.  But no problemo…Auditor Russo to the rescue.

Both men were offered jobs in the Auditor's Office at the same rate of pay for jobs that didn't even exist a couple of weeks ago and were never posted.  And, naturally, for these jobs the public need not apply.  Inside the old boys clubhouse, Frank Russo is nothing if not consistent.

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