Pair accused of stealing Dockers then returning pants for cash

NILES, Ohio (AP) - Two men are accused of stealing Dockers pants then using copied sales receipts to return them to J.C. Penney stores for cash.
Casey Ennis, 25, and Michael Ressa, 60, both of Philadelphia, face charges of receiving stolen property, criminal simulation and five counts of possession of criminal tools.
Police found two rolls of original receipt tape from the department store, a few pairs of Dockers, a copying machine and small hand-held device to perforate the edges of the tape inside Ennis' vehicle parked at Eastwood Mall. Niles is about 10 miles northwest of Youngstown.
Niles police officer Ron Wright said the two men would make copies of original receipts they had from 10 J.C. Penney stores, steal the pants from a different store and then return the pants with the fake receipt to stores for cash.
He said the two men defrauded the Austintown and Boardman stores of $100 each on Tuesday.
The Niles police department has received calls about the case from police in Pittsburgh, Indiana and New Jersey.
Police said J.C. Penney Stores Co. Inc. representatives believe the two men have been running the scam since at least 2001.
Ennis faces an additional charge of theft, while Ressa also faces a single count of complicity. Both men are being held in the Niles city jail on $75,000 bond.
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