Last U.S. combat convoy leaves Iraq

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(WOIO) - The last U.S. combat convoy has left Iraq, some seven years since the war began.

The troop draw down is part of President Obama's plan to end the war.

6,000 more troops need to pull out before the goal of 50,000 troops left will be reached. Once combat operations are over, the U.S. will play an advise and assist role in the country after seven years of war.

The White House says more than 90,000 troops have left Iraq in the past 18 months.

Still, the country does not have a fully-functioning government, electricity and other utilities are sporadic.  The State Department is expected to help bolster Iraq's infrastructure by hiring thousands more security contractors to take over responsibilities of the military.  

After seven years of fighting, the Pentagon says 4,419 U.S. troops have died serving the country in the war in Iraq.

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