Party's Over: Newlyweds Upset after Cops Shut Down Wedding Reception

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EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - So much for the perfect day.

A big disturbance at a Euclid couple's August 7th wedding reception caused cops to shut the entire party down hours early. Now, the bride and groom are saying police went too far.

"It was such a perfect day and it just turned bad afterwards," said newlywed Kim Hines.

The reception was held at the Lakefront Community Center along the shore of Lake Erie. Shortly after the start of the celebration, calls started to pour into 911.

"OK, cause I can hear screaming and fighting from my house."

"I live on Noble Beach Drive. Lot of screaming and hollering going on."

"OK, just wanted to let you know that."
"I have got every officer in the city there, ma'am."
"Oh, Lordy."

An off-duty officer working the party called for back-up when the chaos erupted, but the newlyweds claim that didn't need to happen.

"It was kids, like a set of kids running toward the water," explained newlywed Andre Hines. "Everybody panicked cause they thought someone fell in the water."

"Far as the riot and fights. There wasn't no riots and fights. Everybody was there to have a good time."

The chief backs his officers.

"I thought it was handled very professional by our officers on the scene," said Euclid Police Chief James Repicky.

"Why not just give 'em a warning instead of shutting the whole thing down?" asked Reporter Ed Gallek.

"Unfortunately, we have a right for our residents to have a quiet evening on the beach, and at that time, we felt it wasn't gonna be quiet anymore," said Chief Repicky.

Kim says she wants an apology and some money back since she paid for time at the hall she couldn't use.

Police believe they used some restraint. No one at the wedding reception was arrested.

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