Bad Move: Man convicted of domestic violence shows up at wife's workplace hours later

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A Cleveland judge dropped the hammer on a man convicted of domestic violence after he showed up at his wife's workplace just hours after his conviction.

Cecil McNulty's case especially alarming since Cleveland Police say Maurice Lyons recently killed his wife in front of her son. Police also just busted the husband of Shana Gardner for killing her as she tried to end that relationship.

Cleveland Judge Michael Ryan is furious with McNulty because he was just convicted of domestic violence and recently violated a protection order.

McNulty was sentenced to jail but given a few days to report in. Within hours of being sentenced, investigators say McNulty was busted again at his wife's workplace.

A security officer at his wife's job site says he talked his way inside by convincing someone to let him in. According to McNulty, the reason he went there was to give his wife some cash.

Judge Ryan told McNulty in court "I've never had a person as rebellious as you are" then tacked on more jail time to his previous sentencing.

Do you think McNulty or his attorney got the message? We'll see!

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