Governor lowers terror alert to yellow

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Gov. Bob Taft, following the federal government's lead, on Friday lowered the terror alert in Ohio by one level from orange to yellow.
That means there is an "elevated" threat of terrorist activities in the state instead of a "high" threat. The state was on orange alert for 10 days after the federal Department of Homeland Security determined there was a high possibility of terrorist attacks around the Memorial Day holiday.
During the high alert, State Highway Patrol troopers made 24-hour patrols of highways around Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo. Truck weigh stations were open 24 hours a day. Troopers also increased security at state buildings.
Authorities will continue to check the bags of visitors at state buildings.
Taft also deactivated the State Emergency Operations Center in Columbus, which had been staffed with state agriculture, environmental, health, highway patrol and Ohio National Guard officials.
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