Iron Mom: Social workers have had problems with family throughout generations

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – 19 Action News has new details in a child abuse case where a mother struck her 14-year-old son with a iron because she thought he was stealing from her.

We've uncovered what social workers already knew before the mom got busted for the attack.

Apparently, social workers received a call about Talthina Jackson's family days before the attack with the iron.

But that's nothing, this was just their latest call. Social workers confirm they had gotten a call about trouble with that family as recently as August 3rd.

19 Action News was told the county has been involved with that family on and off for generations.

The teen whacked with iron and two other kids are now in foster care.

Maybe the only thing that'll stop more calls to the county about this family would be to send mom to jail.

Then again, mom already has a criminal record.