Bad Man: Boyfriend punched girlfriend who was holding two kids

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) –It's another case of domestic violence where the kids are caught in the middle.

Samuel Adams was just busted at Detroit and W. 95th Street for fighting with his girlfriend while she was holding onto her two kids.

Cleveland Police say Adams fought with his girlfriend and said "I'll leave, but I'm gonna kick your $#@& first." Adams then followed her to another apartment punching her along the way while she held her children tight.

This domestic violence case comes after a rash of bad dad and boyfriend domestic violence cases in the past two weeks. Some cases ended with bumps and bruises, others turned deadly.

Last week, police were searching for a father who stepped on the head of his infant one-month-old during a fight with mom. In another case, Maurice Lyons is facing murder charges for allegedly stabbing his wife in front of her toddler.

Now, Adams has been charged with domestic violence and child endangering. He was already on probation for a weapons case.

What will happen to those kids? According to the police report, mom broke a mug over the guy's head during the fight!

Domestic violence occurs in homes throughout every community. It knows no color, gender, age or socioeconomic status. The abuse can be physical, mental, sexual or emotional. And as a victim of domestic violence, you may feel like there's nowhere to turn. But there's hope.

 Click here for more information from the Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland on how you can end domestic violence in your home, or to help others you know.

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