Research: Cleveland's "Torso Killer" was innocent, possibly murdered

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local historical group is correcting a wrong done to a man 70 years after his death who was once suspected of being "Kingsbury Run Killer."

The Cleveland Police Museum and Euclid Library joined to place a marker on the grave of Frank Dolezal, the Clevelander originally arrested in connection with the "Torso Murders."

It was believed Dolezal committed suicide in jail.

Now, historical research has found that not only was he innocent, but he was most likely killed.

Dolezal's Great Niece, Mary Dolezal says the family is relieved to finally have his name cleared. "I feel that the name is cleared and we can hold our heads high now" said Dolezal.

The Kingsbury Run murders have never been solved but a second suspect, Dr. Francis Sweeney who was a Cleveland surgeon, sent notes to investigators mocking them about the crime.

Sweeney checked himself into a mental hospital after he was questioned about the crimes and remained there until his death.

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