Cops who botched I-90 body identification often killed time in cemetery

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News blew this story wide open Monday.

New information on two Cleveland police officers suspended for not properly investigating a dead body along I-90.

19 Action News has examined the entire police investigative file, and found repeated instances of the officers goofing off. The investigative report includes daily duty reports, the officers statements and, most importantly, a review of automatic vehicle locator records for additional dates the officers worked together. [Read more HERE]

The automatic vehicle locator installed in the cruiser showed that Officer Matthew Prince and David Muniz had been sitting idle in Westpark Cemetery both before and after responding to the dead body call. They drove past it at 56mph and admit that they didn't even turn on the high beams or use the zone car's search light. They believed Angel Bradley-Crockett's body was that of a dead deer.

The city reviewed records from many more dates the pair worked together and it shows that they spent many other dates in the cemetery. In March on three dates they killed more than 8 hours there. 30 dates were reviewed and there were irregularities on 13 of them. A total of 20 hours and 33 minutes in the cemetery, 3 hours and 10 minutes in a Flats parking lot and 5 hours and 35 minutes in other lots. A total of 29 and a half hours, doing nothing. The officers deny sleeping on the job.

Both officers were punished with a six-month suspension without pay. Officer Muniz nervously apologized saying, "we're very sorry for what happened" and that "we made a mistake." Officer Prince also added "I'm sorry."

The body of Angel Bradley-Crockett - a mother of three - was found naked, bloodied and beaten along I-90 on April 5th.

As for the suspects, Stephon Davis and Latesha Santos are currently behind bars, charged with Bradley-Crockett's murder.

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