Island residents want to know if everyone voting is legal

KELLEYS ISLAND, Ohio (AP) - The Erie County Board of Elections will examine the tax records of Kelleys Island residents in an attempt to make sure everybody who is voting here has voting privileges.
The decision to subpoena the records comes after almost two years of debate over who may or may not vote in island elections.
The debate started when five residents accused 89 voters of not having permanent residence on the island.
The voting privileges of 34 people were taken away by April 2002.
Residents Bruce and Leslie Korenko said at the board's Friday meeting that they were concerned people were still voting without having a permanent residence on the island. The Korenkos suggested that the board cancel the voter registration of everyone on the island and make them reregister.
The board said it couldn't do that because it would have to cancel the registrations of everyone in the county. The board said tax records would reveal to them the permanent addresses of island homeowners.
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