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43 Forum: Need to Feed the Hungry

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CLEVELAND, OH (5/30/10) - Anne Goodman, President and CEO of the Cleveland Foodbank, and Harry Boomer talked about the fact that one in nine people in the six counties the Cleveland Foodbank serves had to visit a hunger center for emergency food relief. 

That was nearly 250-thousand people. The Cleveland Foodbank is currently providing over 80-percent of the food that local hunger centers distribute which equates to over 82-thousand meals a day. 

We talked about how one might help, either through volunteering or donating money. 

Goodman said that because unemployment is still around 10-percent the need is growing in all areas, including a big jump in the inner-ring and suburban communities. 

The need is year round, not just during the holidays and that with summer approaching it becomes more difficult feed children because they want be able to reach them as easily as when they're in school.

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