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43 Forum: Getting out of an abusive relationship

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CLEVELAND, OH (8/8/10) -  My guest, Tim Boehnlein the Associate Director of the Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland, and I talked about what constitutes domestic violence.

There are several types to include verbal, emotional, financial, sexual and physical. 

We talked about the recent case involving a social worker who was reportedly killed by her husband, stabbed 17-times and found in her garage. 

We discussed the kinds of actions that lead up to domestic violence and ways to leave an abusive relationship.  

We talked about programs and services offered by the center for teens and college students.

We also talked about the importance of having a safety plan and why one should not be hesitate to seek help. 

Boehnlein also discussed from the perpetrator's position on what leads up to being violent and how to not cross the line into abusing a partner.

The Domestic Violence hotline number is (216) 391-HELP/4357.

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