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43 Forum: Controversial School Plan

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CLEVELAND, OH (8/15/10) - Dr. Eugene Sanders CEO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and I talked about how the district is implementing his still controversial Transformation Plan. 

He said many of the teachers that had been fired will more than likely get their jobs back. 

He also said concession given by the Cleveland Teachers Union and the closing of 14-schools helped the district reduce it costs by 17-million dollars. 

He talked about student ambassadors who will help smooth the way for several high schools that are being combined. 

Although, high school students can pick and choose what high school they want to attend, many of the students from the now closed East and South High schools will attend East Tech this fall. 

Dr. Sanders says increased security measures have been taken and special attention will be paid to merged schools to keep any trouble from occurring. 

He says one of his goals is to increase the graduation rate from its current 54-percent to 75-percent within five years. 

The district has about 50-thousand students right now.  Dr. Sanders says CMSD is counting on money from 'Race To The Top', a federally funded education fund.  Ohio is among several states in the running for the funding.  School starts on Thursday, August 26th, 2010. 

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