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Editorial: Kow-towing to North Korea

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(WOIO) - Kim Jong–Il, the sociopathic, tin horn dictator of North Korea must really get his jollies by kidnapping dumb Americans who seem to be constantly wandering across his nations god-forsaken borders. 

For him, it's probably excellent theater. Imprison some wayward traveler and then sit down and wait for a former American president to come kow-towing to the rescue.

The latest in this sacrifice of self-respect on the part of former U.S. leaders came last week when Jimmy Carter went to North Korea to beg for the release of an activist missionary who entered the country illegally for some obscure reason. 

You might recall it was just last year when former President Clinton also prostrated himself before the dear leader to gain the release of a couple of U.S. journalists. 

The North Koreans joined lately by the Iranians are involved in a game of one-upsmanship with the united states that benefits their regimes. It's hard to understand why we keep agreeing to play along.

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