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No Comment: Judge refuses to talk about why she released a teen accused of rape

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News is asking the tough questions. We want to know why a Cuyahoga County judge just released an accused 16-year-old charged with sexually assaulting an eight year old.

 Judge Alison Floyd released the boy to his parents and when 19 Action News reporter Scott Taylor went to ask we why her reply, "No Comment."

Floyd's latest decision is just another in a string of questionable ones. 

In the spring of 2006, two teens accused of starting a fire at a school got a big break from Floyd. They caused $300,000 worth of damage. One was sentenced to the custody of mom and the other walked because the prosecutions' main witness never showed.

In another case, she ruled there was no evidence a teen with a loaded gun threatened to shoot a cop.

She said prosecutors failed to show probable cause.  That teen later pled guilty in adult court to the charges and got 12 years in prison.

Another Floyd decision: two teens robbed and stabbed a man in downtown Cleveland.

Floyd gave the main attacker probation. The victim was understandably shocked.

"I don't think people feel safe knowing that people who try to kill you with a knife is back out on the street with no consequences what so ever," victim Tony Viola said.

One last note, in all the previous cases mentioned Judge Floyd has refused to comment.

At least she's consistent.

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