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Councilman speaks out about ongoing problems in Warehouse District

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(WOIO) - Local lawmakers continue to speak out about the ongoing problems in downtown Cleveland's Warehouse District.

Councilman Kevin Conwell, Chair, Cleveland City Council Public Safety Committee, had this to say:

What we are seeing within the Warehouse District goes beyond racism; it is an issue of culture and it is an issue of public safety. Real solutions will come from dialog and facts.

As Cleveland City Council's Public Safety Committee Chair, I support the efforts underway by Mayor Jackson and Councilman Cimperman to engage a public dialogue to address racial and cultural diversity in the Warehouse District. By bringing together residents, business owners, safety forces and civic organizations to openly converse on the issues, review the facts; we can together enact and implement solutions that will help make the Warehouse District safe and inviting for all.

I, and Cleveland City Council, have worked with the administration on prior issues of neglect and racism in safety, including the incident this past spring where patrol officers mistook the body of a slain woman on I-90 as a deer. I have also been working with Councilman Cimperman's Ward 3 safety liaison on the problems of W. 6th Street for more than a month.

This weekend, I will be out in the Warehouse District to observe, learn and interact with the public so I can see the issues firsthand. And through Cleveland City Council, I will work to create and enact a constructive action plan to improve public behavior and cultural understanding downtown.


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