105-year-old bridge moved off creek for relocation

AUSTINBURG, Ohio (AP) - Workers used a large crane to remove an 105-year-old one-lane bridge from over a creek so it can be taken apart and reassembled nearby as a bike path overpass.
The 130-foot long, 14-ton bridge has outlived its traffic usefulness and will be replaced, said Ashtabula County bridge engineer Tom Partridge.
The steel bridge, which had remained in use until it was removed, was moved to a bank of Mill Creek on Tuesday in this community about 45 miles northeast of Cleveland.
Before lifting it, ends of the bridge were separated from supports at either end, and braces were installed to prevent it from collapsing.
"We looked at different ways of removing it, but decided to remove it in one shot so we can work on it on the land," said Ron Capitena, whose Capp Steel employees worked on the removal.
The bridge was built by the King Bridge Co. of Cleveland and was one of several it installed about the same time in Ashtabula County. The single-lane bridges weren't built to handle the weight of modern traffic.
The disassembled bridge parts will be refurbished at the Capp Steel yard and will be rebuilt as an overpass along a bikeway in Austinburg and should be in place Oct. 1.
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