Bombing victim moved from Cleveland five years ago

CLEVELAND (AP) - One of the 16 victims of a suicide bombing attack on a Jerusalem bus had moved from Cleveland to Israel five years ago after getting laid off from his high-tech job, the Israeli government said.
The attack Wednesday occurred as Alan Beer, 47, was returning home on the bus after visiting a friend whose father had died, the Israeli government said.

Beer, who attended elementary and high school at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, had a master's degree in physical chemistry. Israel said he had emigrated after a layoff in the high-tech industry.

"Alan Beer was a kind, gentle soul," said an academy classmate, Louis Malcmacher, a dentist who practices in the Cleveland area. "He would never hurt anybody or anything."
Malcmacher said Beer, who had worked as a computer programmer, was attracted to the Jewish homeland because of its democratic tradition.
"He really had a love of the land of Israel and its democratic values. He always had that from elementary school," Malcmacher said.
The Israeli government said in a brief biography that Beer, like many English-speaking immigrants, had trouble finding work in Israel.
He was single and was fond of going to a Jerusalem theater that featured classic and foreign films.
Beer, who will be buried in Jerusalem, was survived by his mother and a brother in the Cleveland area and two sisters, including one who lives in Jerusalem.
Beer's immediate family members left for Israel after hearing about his death, according to Malcmacher.
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