Another cab driver accused of sexually attacking passenger

CLEVELAND – For the second time in a month, a Cleveland cab driver has been accused of sexually attacking a passenger. In an exclusive report, Tom Meyer, The Investigator, said that this latest incident allegedly happened after the recent Fleetwood Mac concert at Gund Arena.

A woman, who asked to remain unnamed, said that a local cab driver sexually attacked her while she was a passenger in his cab.

She told The Investigator that she had just attended the concert and needed a ride from Downtown Cleveland to her home in University Heights. Ace Taxi gave her a lift.

The woman said that the cabbie kept talking to her and looking back at her as he was driving on Chester Avenue. For safety reasons, he said that he wanted her in the front seat, so he could keep his eyes on the road.

"He proceeded to kiss me on the lips, (and he) tried to use his tongue," the alleged victim said. "He put his hand on my right breast and he tried to put my hand on his penis."

All of this was happening, she said, as the cabbie was driving down Chester late at night.

"As he started getting forceful, I started thinking about my life," the alleged victim said. "What can I do to get myself out of this?"

She said that for 20 minutes she wasn't sure what would happen. She talked him into dropping her off at a drug store in University Heights after giving him what he thought was her phone number.

The cabbie works as an independent contractor for Ace, but he's out of a job for now.

"He hasn't been proven guilty at this point in time, but as a matter of public safety, since we're moving people, it's important we handle these situations very carefully," Ace spokesman DeVo Bavishi said.

This is the second recent case of a cabbie being accused of sexual assault. Just a week before this latest alleged incident, Action News reported exclusively on a woman who claimed a driver for Yellow Cab raped her.