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Editorial: Generous Budgets for our Elected Officials

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(WOIO) - The great recession of 2008/2009 cost a lot of workers their jobs and those who remained employed through this difficult period likely saw little or no pay raises. 

That's the reality of life in the private sector, but in the fantasy-land of the federal government where politicians have easy access to taxpayer money.

So, get a load of this: Since 2007, payrolls for the offices of Ohio's Senators and Representatives have risen from 3% to 17% annually.

Private sector employees saw an increase by the way in 2009 of just 1.4%. Senator Sherrod Brown is a big believer in spreading the wealth around in his office. He increased his staff from 46 employees in 2007 to 63 just two years later- a 7.5%  increase in cost in the teeth of the recession.  

And he's not alone, outgoing Senator George Voinovich increased his staff expenses from 2008 to 2009 by a whopping 15%!

Washington watchdog groups are outraged at this behavior and we ought to be as well. It shows real contempt for the average working man and woman. 

Write and let me now what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.


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