Drug task force seizes Ecstasy supply

CLEVELAND (AP) - A suburban drug task force seized more than 3,500 Ecstasy pills from a suspected supplier.
Acting on a tip, Franklin County investigators and task force officers followed Ghassan Arrabi, 21, on Monday from Columbus to Solon, a Cleveland suburb. He allegedly met with four other men and paid $20,000 in cash for the pills.
Police believe that Arrabi is a psychology major at Ohio State University and an Ecstacy supplier in Columbus. The purchased drug was seized from his car when he was stopped and arrested.
Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a synthetic drug considered part hallucinogen and part amphetamine that has been linked to brain, heart and kidney damage. It became popular over the past decade at dance parties known as raves for the energy and euphoria it gives users.
Arrabi was among five men each facing one count of trafficking in Ecstasy, and they pleaded innocent Wednesday before Bedford Municipal Court Judge Peter Junkin. The charge could result in 20 years in prison. The case remains under investigation.
The pills have a street value of $80,000 to $100,000, said Jeffrey Canter, a Maple Heights detective with the Southeast Area Law Enforcement narcotics task force. Franklin County sheriff's deputies contacted the task force on Friday with information that Arrabi was expected to come to Solon for a deal.
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