Volumes of latest 'Potter' book found to be missing pages

LYNCHBURG, Va. (AP) - There was quite a surprise inside the new "Harry Potter" book for some readers. And it had nothing to do with the boy wizard's latest year at Hogwarts.

More than 40 copies of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" were found to be missing nearly three dozen pages.

A Virginia bookstore owner told

The News and Advance

of Lynchburg that the pages began repeating on page 402 -- and then picked up the story again on page 435.

Danny Givens said that he called the book's publisher Saturday after a woman who bought the book and read it for most of the night called to complain about the pages.

It's unclear as to how many of the 8.5 million copies of the book that were printed are missing pages.

The publisher said that it would replace the books.

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