Comic who crashed prince's party says he kissed him

LONDON (AP) - He kissed him. On both cheeks.

The publicity-seeking comic who crashed Prince William's 21st birthday party is speaking out in a published interview.

Aaron Barschak tells the

Daily Mail

newspaper he got in by pretending to be a drunken and lost party guest.

He says William was taller than he expected and -- quote -- "very nice looking." After planting the kisses on the prince, the 36-year-old says he shouted "we all love you" and left the stage as the crowd applauded.

Barschak (pictured, above) hasn't been charged by police.

Not everyone thinks the incident was funny. British Home Secretary David Blunkett says he's "deeply concerned" by the biggest failure of royal security since a man broke into the queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace in 1982.

Almost the entire royal family was present at the party at Windsor Castle.

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