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Sad Ending: Late actor Cory Haim paid to star in a film, but never showed up

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local filmmaker hired Corey Haim, of Lost Boy's fame, to star in his horror flick.

Haim never showed but kept the pay check.

Corey shot to stardom in the 1987 but years of addiction took it's toll on him.

But before his death earlier this year he was mounting a come back with roles in "American Sunset", "Crank 2:High Velocity" and a role in "The Girl."

A horror movie was directed by Travis Bowen and shot in Warren, OH.

"It's basically a Friday the 13th type movie but instead of a big guy in a hockey mask it's a girl who's actually a playboy model that's the killer," Travis Bowen.

Travis hired Corey thru the actor's talent agency: Sulo King Productions, who will not return calls from 19 Action News.

"We were all excited to have him in the movie and he screwed all of us."

Travis paid Corey $4,000 up front but the star never showed and kept the money.

Corey's own website showed he also never showed up for Travis's Dark X-mas 2009 fan convention in Niles, OH.

Before Cory could be tracked down he died of complications from pneumonia.

Cory's new talent agency tells Investigative reporter that Corey said he opted out of "The Girl" and the money would have been returned if Travis removed Cory's name off of the film.

Corey's friend and former business manager also told Scott Taylor what Corey was going to return the money.

"He would never intentionally plan on ripping somebody off. As little as I did his accounting they had a full list of the money that was owed and they said they wanted to pay everybody back," Genitrix Georges.

People close to Cory at the end tell me he died with almost no money.

Travis is eating the $4,000.

If you'd like to help, go buy a ticket to it's October 31st premiere at the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland.

It's dedicated to Cory Haim.

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