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43 Forum: Bishop Lennon speaks about priest sex abuse

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CLEVELAND, OH (10/31/10) - Host, Harry Boomer was joined by Bishop Richard Lennon of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese.  The Catholic Diocese is made up of an eight county area in Greater Cleveland with around 800-thousand parishioners. 

Bishop Lennon talked about the Catholic Charities Annual Appeals and what Catholic Charities does in the various community it serves. 

Bishop Lennon informed our viewers that Catholic Charities is a local network of over 150 health and human services programs and services operated by the diocese. 

The conversation led to the growing need for donations, and that Greater Clevelanders are giving more even-though the need has about tripled. 

We talked about the concepts of love, hope, charity, forgiveness and loving ones neighbor as thyself. 

We talked about the closings of 50, mostly inner city churches, the priest sexual abuse scandal, and about St. Peters. 

Parishioners at St Peters, located at East 17th and Superior, are meeting without the sanction of Bishop Lennon.  They continue with discussions so as to avoid having those parishioners ex-communicated.

For more information on Catholic Charities call 1-800-869-6525 ext. 1910 or click HERE.

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