Neighbor convicted of killing two women in 1992

CLEVELAND (AP) - A man has been convicted of killing two sisters in 1992 in a case built on the man's statements to others that he was involved in the deaths.
A Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court jury found Terry Ferrell, 32, a neighbor of the women, guilty of the murders Wednesday.
Ferrell could receive the death penalty.
Prosecutors won the conviction despite a lack of physical evidence. Seven witnesses -- including jailhouse informants and friends or acquaintances from the neighborhood -- testified that Ferrell admitted his role in the stabbings.
The bodies of Loretta Fallat, 73, and Mary Mosberger, 83, were found in December 1992, side by side in the dining room of the house they shared, with kitchen knives sticking out of their chests. Each woman was stabbed about 20 times and their throats were slashed.
Police questioned Ferrell the day after the bodies were found, but he was not indicted until last April, after a neighborhood friend facing burglary charges told police that Ferrell once confessed to him.
Detectives also found witnesses who said Ferrell tried to sell them a violin. A violin belonging to Mosberger's late husband was stolen in the crime.
"It's unfortunate that had to happen for a few dollars, a few pieces of jewelry and an old violin," Assistant County Prosecutor Sean Jones said Tuesday as he showed jurors photographs of the crime scene.
In addition to aggravated murder charges, the jury convicted Ferrell of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and kidnapping.
Ferrell has been indicted four times on other charges in Cuyahoga County since the killings.
He has been in prison for drug possession, breaking and entering, receiving stolen property and aggravated vehicular assault, according to state records. He also has been convicted of assault, vandalism and attempted escape.
The jury is scheduled to meet Monday to hear evidence about whether Ferrell should receive the death penalty, and will make a recommendation to Judge Robert Glickman. Glickman will determine Ferrell's sentence.
A second man charged in the murders, Timothy Montgomery, 41, of Lorain, is scheduled to go to trial July 31.
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