Violent arrest suspect speaks exclusively to Action News

WARREN, Ohio - It's the video that has all of northeast Ohio buzzing.
Police officers in Warren are caught on tape body-slamming, punching, kneeing and macing a man whom they had pulled over on Saturday for failing to use a turn signal while driving -- a minor traffic violation.
Authorities said that they needed to get physical because the man was spotted with what appeared to be a bag of crack cocaine. They said that he allegedly tried to swallow the bag and was resisting arrest.
Footage shot by a neighborhood resident and police dashcam video show Lyndal L. Kimble, 29, of Warren, being slammed to the ground, kneed in the head and sprayed twice with a chemical after the traffic stop.
In an Action News exclusive, a still-hurting Kimble (pictured, above) spoke one-on-one with Jawan Strader Monday night.
"Just the actual beatings you saw on the (tape) ... it hurts," Kimble said.
Kimble, with his arm in a sling, decided to speak out against the violent arrest that happened in front of his own family.
"Three of my kids had to witness it, so they're more traumatized than anything," he said.
"Right now, I'm hurting," he added. "My shoulder hurts. My back hurts. My rib hurts. I've got a headache. I'm just hurting, man.
"After an *ss-whipping like that, how else are you going to feel?"
Thomas Conley, head of the Warren area's Urban League office, wants the federal government to investigate possible excessive force in the arrest. He said that he made the request Monday to the Justice Department.
Police Chief John Mandopoulos said his department's Internal Affairs division will investigate the arrest. If needed, Mandopoulos said, the FBI or the state's Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation would be brought in to help investigate.
Mandopoulos said two officers approached Kimble's car and saw him putting a plastic bag in his mouth. The chief said the officers presumed the bag contained cocaine.
In Warren Municipal Court on Monday, Kimble pleaded innocent to charges of felony assault on a police officer, felony possession of drugs, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence and failing to use a turn signal. He is free on $20,000 bond.
Kimble appeared before Judge Terry Ivanchak in a video arraignment from the Trumbull County Jail.
Mandopoulos explained that police can take extreme measures to remove drugs, such as crack cocaine, from a suspect's mouth to prevent an overdose.
"The person could end up dying from a drug overdose, then we would be up here answering questions why we allowed that to happen," Mandopoulos said.
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