Action News digs deeper into violent videotaped arrest

WARREN, Ohio – Days after a violent arrest was captured on videotape, Action News dug deeper to find out more about the players involved.

Tom Meyer, The Investigator, learned new information about the suspect and the officers who physically handled him.

The arresting officers say in their report that they saw Lyndal Kimble put a baggie containing a large white object in his mouth. A state lab has identified the item as .65 grams of cocaine.

The officers also recovered more than $2,200 from Kimble following the violent arrest.

It's not the first time Kimble has been in trouble for drugs.

He was busted for drug trafficking in 1995, completed an intense prison boot camp program and then paroled five months later. Five years after that, however, he was busted again for drugs and placed on probation.

Kimble served time in the Trumbull County Jail for violating terms of his probation.

Despite his drug record, some people are openly asking if there's any excuse for the way Kimble was treated by the three Warren police officers.

The officer who approached Kimble's vehicle, veteran Greg Hoso, has been the subject of a number of complaints filed by known drug dealers. The chief says that the officer has been accused of "leaning" on drug dealers to stop loitering. The chief added that Hoso is perhaps the most religious officer on the force.

Ten-year veteran Mike Stabile, who jammed a baton in Kimble's back, has been disciplined only once, and that was for not writing enough traffic tickets.

The third officer, rookie Frank Tempesta, is described by the police chief as a good, young officer.

Did the officers use excessive force? The chief says no.

How about the documented slap in the face while the suspect was being held down? It's inappropriate, the chief says, unless the officer was trying to dislodge something from the suspect's mouth -- which he was.

Police are asking folks to not jump to conclusions. They're conducting an internal probe and will call in the feds if necessary.

Kimble, meanwhile, claims that his shoulder was dislocated during the arrest. Police say they're not so sure and will subpoena medical records.