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You're Fired: County executive cuts 24 positions at the Auditor's Office

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The new Cuyahoga County Executive is cleaning house.

Ed FitzGerald pulled the trigger during a news conference Thursday, and announced 24 positions at the Auditor's Office will be eliminated by the end of the year.

"The County Auditor was the home office for corruption and illegal activity on a grand scale that our community had to suffer through over the last two years. Not any more," said Executive-elect FitzGerald.

13 part-timers and nine full-timers are headed out the door. That plus two resignations equals 24 eliminated positions.

Meantime, all 15 Board of Revision members will getting the boot as well. It was there that to many documents came up missing or were changed. Board members were getting breaks on their property taxes and thousands of every day people were not getting the tax reductions they deserved.

"My judgement is they have been hopelessly compromised and they only solution is to start with a completely clean slate in January. Property owners have lost confidence and this is the only way to restore it," said Executive-elect FitzGerald.

FitzGerald also got rid of indicted worker Michael Gabor who the feds say was the bag man for County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora. In other words he helped to collect some of Dimora's bribes.

The Broadview satellite office and the satellite office at East 185th will also close at the end of the year.

The workers last day on the job will be December 31st. The moves will save the office almost $1M dollars.

 The names of those fired/resigned are listed below:

                                                            ANNUAL SALARY                         BENEFIT COST

SANDRA CAPONE-RETIREE                  $44,364.58                                $5,100.68

MICHAEL GABOR-TERMINATION           42,430.70                                13,559.78

HANNAH GAUL-RESIGNATION               38,449.47                                4,906.20

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES                    49,890.00                                4,977.18

JENNFER JUSTICE                                 95,558.06                                13,559.75

SAMIR MOHAMMAD                               149,998.16                              13,454.74

DESTIN RAMSEY                                    82,274.40                                4,977.18

VANESSA SIDOTI-RESIGNATION            41,920.00                                4,977.18

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES                     21,200.00                                4,906.20

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES                     33,850.00                                13,559.78

JACKIE CAHILL                                      12,740.00                                            0

ANTHONY COSENTINO                           7,498.40                                              0

WILLAM CREW                                      15,372.45                                            0

AMY FURUKAWA                                    10,460.92                                            0

COLLEN GALLAGHER                              28,634.81                                            0

MARLENE JOYCE                                    15,220.95                                            0

PAUL PALMERI                                       34,511.28                                            0

NICOLE PEDONE                                    9,464.00                                              0

GARY RINGER                                         7,696.00                                              0

JULIE ROMITO                                        12,675.72                                            0

JERRY SKUHROVEC                                 11,073.92                                            0

LUCILLE WOOD                                      36,400.00                                            0

DANA ZENKEWICZ                                  20,441.60                                            0

MICHAEL COOK-RESIGNATION                31,827.12                                          1.56

 TOTAL                                                $853,952.54                                      $83,980.23


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