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Finally: Criminal charges come down in deadly boating accident

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New information on the death of a young woman in Lake Erie. Investigative reporter, Scott Taylor has learned of criminal charges for the people involved in the boating incident on Lake Erie where Emma Nahas died.  

Nahas and friends were out boating and swimming in July when she went missing. Her body was found days later.  The cause of death was drowning.

The prosecutor's office issued this released.  

Cleveland Prosecutor's Office

After reviewing the investigative file the following charges were issued:

             Alex Cuco, owner and operator of the watercraft:

Our office charged Cuco with 5 counts of furnishing liquor to an underage person.  Our office also charged Cuco with an additional 5 counts of allowing underage drinking in a place under his control. Both of these charges are first degree misdemeanors and can be punished each with up to 180 days of incarceration and up to $1000.00 fines. Additionally, Cuco was charged with boating under the influence of alcohol by the US Coast Guard.  I do not have any further information on that matter.

            John E. Slyman, passenger on the watercraft:

Our office charged Slyman with 5 counts of furnishing beer to an underage person.  These charges are first degree misdemeanors.

Finally, our office also charged the 4 surviving underage females with 1 count of underage possession/consumption of liquor/beer.  These charges are also first degree misdemeanors.

The Clerk of Courts will issue a summons for all 6 defendants to appear in court.  Our office will prosecute these cases.  Since these are now criminal cases we cannot make any further comments about these matters until the cases are resolved. 



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