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County Exec. Fitzgerald says it's a "new day" in the county

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CLEVELAND, OH  (WOIO)- Last week County Executive-elect Ed FitzGerald fired more than 20 people in the auditor's office and this week he set out to meet with every employee in the county.

FitzGerald invited all Cuyahoga County employees who will be within the County Executive's authority to met with him at the Old Courthouse.

Several hundred took him up on it and it was standing room only.

Current officials could not recall the last "all-employee" meeting of this kind.

"It's important that current employees have some idea of what to expect from our new government, for both the short-term and long-term," said Executive-elect FitzGerald.

FitzGerald also noted - "I believe it's important that I communicate with county employees directly during this transition process."

During the voluntary employee meeting Fitzgerald talked about the principals of government. Integrity. Transparency. Honesty. He got a laugh when he told the packed house they don't have to call him your honor, mister county exec-elect or even czar...just call him Ed.

The biggest reaction came when he started to talk about the victims of the corruption scandal, the tax payers, the honest companies in the county and those county employees who had to endure all this corruption.

"Some of you were passed over for promotions or raises while someone else got those because they knew somebody else and those days are over," Ed FitzGerald.

In addition to plans to cut he payroll FitzGerald says he is also looking again at the auditor's office in reaction to 19 Action News' Exclusive investigation that uncovered some double dippers in that office.

"We have to stop beating around the bush on this subject. I am going to talk about it directly. I know you have brought up double dipping. I am going to talk about that directly. I want these employees to know what I expect from them and what the public expects from them as public employees," Ed FitzGerald.


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