SCAM ALERT: Facebook Account Hacking

Facebook Account Hacking, How to Prevention?

1. Do not easily accept friendship requests from people you do not know at all, particularly those not having mutual friend.

2. You always have the opportunity to confirm to a friend who is in the mutual friend who tried to ask someone in your friendship. Because that's exactly one point in the mutual friend Facebook display information that is so that you can verify it first. If you refer a friend and the friend confirmed the validity of the prospective new "proposal" could be considered for acceptance.

3. Another way to confirm a friendship request is sent to the relevant message. With this communication you can ask who he really is (often the name of the account shown is the nickname or alias name that does not help you to remember who the candidate's friend) and do other necessary confirmation. For example, to communicate off line (telephone) or meeting the on-line web cam or even off line is another way to confirm the validity of prospective friends.

4. Do not rush and be careful in presenting a glimpse of the personal information that seems insignificant but it is the key to breaking into your email account. Questions that seem to show enthusiasm for the same thing (pets, favorite places, stories about family, post specific events etc. photo album.) Could inadvertently expose personal information that you should keep private.

5. You may have unknowingly expose confidential information that should have it in your profile. Or in the words of caption in your photo album. For example write your pet's name just below the picture there are even people that are specifically made for pet Facebook account complete with all profilenya. Or put a picture and called the honeymoon location and / or tagging of the photos give the family (including uncle who become your favorite), etc.. Such accidental variety.

6. Be careful and think about it many times possible benefits and disadvantages if you need to display personal information in your facebook account info page. You have a choice to not write down that information, such as pets, yet in fact if there who want to know, can ask her personally via message directly to your facility. You can also choose a setting to limit access of others to certain information in your facebook account. For example you could hide your email address. Take advantage of the features of this facebook account security settings as much as possible and think about it.

7. As much as possible and if possible avoid using the email services do not pay for your facebook account. Use local email accounts such as those provided by your office (if permitted for personal), hired to ISP email account (actually it's cheap or even free if you become the customer ISP) or you create your own personal domain and hosting services for help to make , if you do not have the technical skills alone. In essence, local mail account or own property more secure from attack social engineering technique is mainly because the procedures for confirmation of password loss or if there is compromise is usually done manually with a technique to identify off line rather than by an automated system but using a security algorithm that is too simple, such as service free email.

8. Always add a secondary email address on your facebook account and also on a free email account that you use if it had no choice but to use these services. You should never hide or show it to anyone for any reason your secondary email address that. And periodically change all your passwords as recommended safeguards such as using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters and password length of at least six or eight characters that are difficult to guess other people and when difficult menghapalnya store the notes in place that is easily known. Or use the password management application facility to help you. There are many free.

9. Although not common, but for the sake of security, data backuplah your friend list. Important information such as profile name accounts, url facebooknya pages, email addresses and telephone (if any). So that if something happens you can immediately give a warning, for example via email and will be useful later when you open a new facebook account and was forced to enter one by one more friend you list them. Backup is a bit inconvenient but important.

10. If you already become victims of piracy a facebook account then you can do four things.

1. First, warn everyone that your account has been hijacked. This effort can you do through various channels such as email, phone, mailing lists, chat, blogs etc. In order to prevent other people, friends, your family is in friend list becomes the victim eg fraud.

2. Second, it should immediately (you race with the hijackers before she changed the primary and secondary email address you are) trying to get back to your account through the procedure forgotten or lost passwords. If successful, immediately change your email address and password and hide do not appear to change the security settings of your account. Do not rush to log out to prevent the hijackers tried to take over as well. And do not log out until you successfully change the primary and secondary email address and fill in your new password at the same time apply the security settings for a more closed (protect / hide your email address).

3. Third, the report to the security team facebook that your account has been hijacked, the address is: or if the link has changed you can look in the HELP pages. You will be asked to fill out the form and the next will be no correspondence with facebook security team that would try mengkonfirasi truth of your statement and if all goes well, your account may be refunded. But be sure that before the report, you already have an email address a new and safe.

4. Fourthly, if all efforts fail to restore your account, then immediately opened the new Facebook account, secure information so that people do not hijacked again and add all your friends (hopefully you do a back up). Then together they invite all to report your old account that was hijacked TSB. For accounts that do abuse, fraud and impersonating compromise so that later we will be closed or blocked by facebook.

11. The latter do not use an email address, username and password are the same for all the services online that you follow. Always update your knowledge of security issues and social networking service is always vigilant when it is active in cyberspace.