Dutch Navy honors U.S. sub for saving its crew in WWII

CLEVELAND (AP) - The Netherlands navy has honored an American submarine that rescued sailors aboard a grounded Dutch submarine near the end of World War II in the South China Sea.
"The USS Cod saved the crew of the (Dutch submarine) 0-19," Dutch naval attache Col. Herman Dukers said Thursday during a ceremony as a Dutch flag was presented to the Cod, now a museum docked on Lake Erie.
"The Netherlands Navy and the Netherlands in general is still grateful," said Dukers, who traveled from his Washington, D.C., office to make the presentation.
On July 10, 1945, the Cod rescued 56 Dutch submariners, all carried out over jagged reefs within range of enemy Japanese bombers.
The Dutch mine-laying submarine was headed from Australia to the Philippines when it failed to spot a reef and was grounded.
Once the crew and the sub's Dutch flag had reached safety aboard the 312-foot Cod, commanders destroyed the 0-19 to keep it out of Japanese hands.
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