Concerns linger about lay midwife's practices

MILLERSBURG, Ohio (AP) - A lay midwife who served 55 days in jail for refusing to disclose the source of drugs she used in treating a patient has returned to her work, but concerns linger about her practices.
Freida Miller was released June 13 after serving nearly five months for refusing to testify about who gave her the drugs that she injected into a woman to stop bleeding after a birth during December 2001.
She said turning the source in and causing the person harm would violate her religious beliefs. Miller (pictured in white coat, above) is Mennonite.
Holmes County Assistant Prosecutor Stephen Knowling says he has no plans to pursue more charges against Miller, but the case remains on his mind. He also says Miller doesn't recognize her boundaries of care.
Miller's supporters describe her as a martyr and say she has delivered more than 2,000 babies in 17 years.
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