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43 Forum: NAACP Today

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CLEVELAND, OH (12/12/10) - Harry Boomer welcomes Stanley Miller, Executive Director of the Cleveland chapter of the NAACP.  He talked about the local history of the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization. 

We also discussed whether the organization is relevant anymore.  He says yes because many of the same issues the NAACP was founded to fight are still problems today. 

Miller says issues of race, lack of diversity, gender bias, workplace concerns and other forms of discrimination are still happening in 2010.  

He says membership has dwindled over the last few decades but that the organization's new leadership is renewing efforts to attract more of today's youth to keep the organization relevant and alive. 

On the second half of WUAB 43 FORUM, we aired a tape interview 19 Action News Sharon Reed did with Julian Bond, Chairman, Emeritus of the National NAACP. 

He talked about his having been a colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King and the struggles of that days and how they relate to today's concerns. 

Sharon asked about President Barack Obama, the Tea Party Movement, Sara Palin, healthcare, unemployment and attitudes prevalent in today's America as they relate to race and diversity.  

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