Bogus police officer in trouble with real police

CLEVELAND – In a follow-up report, The Investigator, Tom Meyer, said that police acted quickly to charge a Clevelander who was caught impersonating an officer.

Action News cameras were the only cameras rolling as Thomas Colagrossi was leaving jail on charges that he carried a concealed gun, intimidated someone and was in possession of criminal tools.

Deputies said that Colagrossi (pictured, above) posed as a cop, and when they searched his home, they found guns, badges, police uniforms and police hats.

The Investigator asked Colagrossi how often he masqueraded as a cop and asked him why he carried a handgun, but the suspect walked away without answering.

According to a police report, Colagrossi went to a neighborhood, posing as a police officer. He wanted information from a person living there about his ex-girlfriend's husband.

Colagrossi allegedly said that he was going to kill his ex-girl friend's husband.

Action News crews tried to talk to the ex-girlfriend, the husband and Colagrossi, but they wouldn't comment.

Colagrossi appeared in court on felony charges that could put him behind bars where he worked as a guard before the sheriff fired him.

"No, he was not a good employee," Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul said.

The Colagrossi case comes at a time when state lawmakers are moving on a bill to outlaw the sale of real police badges and uniforms to private individuals like Colagrossi. The bill was prompted by an Action News undercover investigation that showed just about anyone could easily purchase these items.

House Bill 1-15 is making its way through the Legislature and is expected to become law.

Colagrossi, meanwhile, was free on bond.