Former nursing home employee accused of inhumane treatment

CLEVELAND - It's being called despicable and inexcusable. A nurse's aide faces felony charges for abusing a patient in a way most people would not treat an animal.

Clevelander Nancy Lightfoot is being accused of shoving human feces into the mouth of a nursing home patient.

"The action itself was totally over the line and out of control, and there's no excuse for it," nursing home administrator Jerry Blackmore said.

Saint Augustine Manor in Cleveland fired Lightfoot, and on Thursday, a grand jury indicted her on charges of patient abuse and assault.

When approached by Tom Meyer, The Investigator, Lightfoot would only say, "I didn't abuse no one" and "talk to my lawyer."

Lightfoot (pictured with her back to the camera, above) is accused of abusing a patient with a brain injury -- a patient confined to a wheelchair.

"We don't know why she lost control," Blackmore said.

The nursing home said that Lightfoot passed a criminal background check and drug test.

"She has no business being in any business taking care of people," Blackmore said.

Pending the outcome of the criminal case against her, Lightfoot remains in good standing with the state. Nursing home resident Janet Kennedy said that she feels the state needs to set higher standards.

"A registered nurses' aide isn't what you think they are," Kennedy said. "If I wasn't in a wheelchair and I just limped around, I could come in here and get a job."

Lightfoot refused to give Action News her lawyer's name, saying he would do the calling. Action News, however, is still waiting for a call.

Lightfoot will need a lawyer as she defends herself on charges of patient abuse.