Indicted nurse's aide allegedly makes shocking statements

CLEVELAND – In an investigation first reported on by Tom Meyer, The Investigator, an indicted nurse's aide allegedly made some shocking statements regarding a grotesque case of elder abuse.

When The Investigator asked Clevelander Nancy Lightfoot if she forced feces down a nursing home patient's throat, the nurse's aide refused to talk. Lightfoot, however, reportedly had a lot to say after allegedly abusing a patient at Saint Augustine Manor nursing home in Cleveland.

"When the defendant came out of the room that the patient was in, she in fact told a co-worker, 'I bet he won't do that (expletive) no more,'" Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Hollie Gallagher said.

The patient depends on others for help. He's paralyzed on one side of his body and suffers from a brain injury. Lightfoot (pictured with her back to the camera, above) had just finished changing his diaper when she voiced her displeasure to a co-worker.

"That co-worker asked what she was referring to, and the defendant said, 'I made him eat his own (expletive). I put (expletive) in his mouth,'" Gallagher said.

Lightfoot neither confirmed nor denied shoving human feces in the patient's mouth. The only thing she told Action News was that she abused no one.

When The Investigator sought clarification by phone, she told him to stop calling her.

State regulators cited Saint Augustine for abuse and intimidation -- a charge the nursing home is contesting. Administrators argue that they reacted quickly, reporting the incident to both the state health department and to police.

"It was a very despicable act, and it's something we certainly don't condone," nursing home administrator Jerry Blackmore said.

Saint Augustine fired Lightfoot, but she can still work as a nurse's aide somewhere else. She'll have to be convicted to lose her license.

If convicted, Lightfoot could be sentenced to more than a year in prison.