Feces incident facility has been cited before

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland nursing home where one of the most disgusting cases of patient abuse allegedly occurred has been cited by the state more than a dozen times in the past couple of years, Tom Meyer, The Investigator, reported.

Nurse's aide Nancy Lightfoot allegedly shoved human feces into the mouth of a wheelchair-bound elderly patient. The feces incident might be the most unimaginable case, but it isn't the only patient abuse case under state investigation at Saint Augustine Manor.

When approached by The Investigator, Lightfoot (pictured with her back to the camera, above) refused comment except to say "talk to my lawyer."

Earlier this month, investigators began checking into a complaint that a patient was neglected while taking a hot bath.

In the past two years, the state has cited the nursing home for 19 deficiencies. The state said that the average number of deficiencies for comparable nursing homes is 12.

The state cited the nursing home again this year after Lightfoot allegedly abused a patient. A grand jury indicted the nurse's aide on charges that she forced a brain-injured and partially paralyzed resident to eat his own feces.

"This is one of the most grotesque ways imaginable of abusing a patient you're in charge of," Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Hollie Gallagher said.

The feces case is one of six incidents involving patient care and abuse that Saint Augustine reported to the state this year. The nursing home feels it should not have been cited for abuse and intimidation regarding Lightfoot, saying that they checked her out thoroughly before hiring her.

"We will do whatever we can to make sure she doesn't work in this business again," nursing home administrator Jerry Blackmore said. "She has no business working in a business that serves people."

Lightfoot automatically loses her nurse's aide license if she's convicted. For now, she's still eligible to work.

In a state survey regarding overall care, patients gave Saint Augustine average marks when compared to other nursing homes in Ohio.