Federal investigation uncovers counterfeit money ring

CLEVELAND - A federal investigation showed that some government payroll checks aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

The Investigator, Tom Meyer, exclusively reported that thieves were busted for cashing phony CMHA payroll checks. It was all allegedly part of a counterfeit money ring.

The bogus checks were created using computer software that's available to anyone.

Prosecutors said that counterfeit checks totaling about $20,000 were generated.

The thieves cashed the counterfeit checks at grocery and liquor stores.

Some of the folks accused of trying to cash in include recently indicted Clevelanders Jennifer Johnson, James McKinney and Christine Nichols.

Five police agencies investigating the public housing counterfeit scheme have caught one ringleader. Two others, however, are still on the loose.

CMHA declined comment. Prosecutors said that they don't know of any CMHA employees involved in the scheme.